Lazaro Cardenas – Acapulco, January 8, 2013

January 8, 2013

Our ride today was good!  Not too much traffic once we got out of the city. We left at 8 am so it seemed much cooler at first.

Wide load - oversized load?

Wide load – oversized load?

We experienced some construction on the toll road today…. riding along and the road gets narrow, we are now on the oncoming traffic lane with an 6 inch step up to the other lane that is newly paved – no signs, no warnings….  so glad there wasn’t much traffic!  Then, the step up disappears to a step down at least 8 inches at the very edge of the pavement.  All I can say is that you don’t have to worry about us driving these roads at night!

Road work - the difference between road and dirt is a good 8 inches or more! Quite terrifying!

Road work – the difference between road and dirt is a good 8 inches or more!

We drove into Acapulco around lunch time, looking for a restaurant and a place to stay.  Into the 90s now – and warm!





topo on a motorcycle, good thing Scott knows what he is doing!

tope on a motorcycle, good thing Scott knows what he is doing!  This is actually an easy one!

Another child safety seatAnother child safety seat (good for up to 80 mph)

Sams Club - Mexican style

Sams Club – Mexican style

Acapulco bug taxi

Acapulco bug taxi



To drive into the larger cities is a bit overwhelming, so we are learning to stop and get our bearings.  We ended up driving through the city, then made a u-turn to head back to a restaurant.  A police car with two policeman began motioning us to pull over.  Scott ignored him at first, but then he had to pull over.  One of the guys came up to us and told Scott that he made a dangerous turn and could have caused an accident.  He asked for his drivers license and paperwork.  Scott handed it to him, then the policeman says that Scott can go to the police station tomorrow morning at 8 am to pay his ticket and get his license and paperwork returned.  Scott says, “NO! I will follow you to the police station NOW, you WILL NOT take my license!”  The policeman continues to argue and Scott keeps answering the same, more and more emphatically (yes, he was yelling loudly at the guy!).   Finally the policeman says “Okay, follow me”- and gets in his car.  I had my camera in my hand, so I turned around and took a picture of the police car and its plate.  The policeman jumps out of his car, comes up and tells me not to take a picture of the police.  He asks for my camera – both Scott and I say, “NO, NO, NO!!!!”  The policeman then says I must delete the picture, then he will give Scott his license and paperwork.  I show him that I am deleting the picture and he returns the license and paperwork and we are on our way! Ha!

We continued south looking for lunch – ended up in a Mexican tourist beach restaurant.  Mexican tourist beaches are a little different than American tourist beaches. The Mexican tourist beaches have no hotels, all restaurants lined up on the beach with palapas and little built in swimming pools for the kids. If you can find a hotel, they are usually back off the beach and very small and dirty.  Had some soda and shrimp, then after driving a few more miles with no hotels in sight, we turned around and went to Starbucks.  Got internet and looked up some places to rent on VRBO.  Found a very nice condo right on the beach for $100 a night – staying 3 nights. The complex is beautiful with 2 pools and gorgeous beach.

Pool on the sand

Pool on the sand

Acapulco Sunset

Acapulco Sunset

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3 Responses to Lazaro Cardenas – Acapulco, January 8, 2013

  1. Ken & Dot says:

    Is that typical Scott or WHAT??? There are definitely bad parts of Acapulco and good parts of Acapulco. How do YOU spell trouble?? S C O T T:))))) Have fun1

  2. Mary says:

    Leave it to Scott to argue with the local police! Thank goodness he stood his ground! Besides, who in their right mind would mess with Scott! Sounds like the Lord is protecting you guys! Love the updates – still miss you.

  3. Denise says:

    I’m enjoying reading your blog. Your experiences remind me so much of our travels when we lived in Mexico for 7 years. Enjoy. Be safe.

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